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Boris Mirković

How to in just 60 days after a life-changing decision about selling the real estate, find and buy a new one??? The solution is simple … .. !!!!!! You hire Jelena !!!!! …. And then you meet the other employees of “Opereta”, the real estate agency ….and – the problem is solved !!!!!
I’m impressed with the entire Opereta team because they work great together and ensure that client’s needs are met, and the client feels he/she is always their priority. Jelena Kravoscanec-Todorovic has done everything possible so that I managed to sell my apartment, buy a new one, arrange a super loan, find a good team for moving, all within two months. And with all that, her professional, approachable, and serene attitude made the entire process so much easier.

I THANK THE WHOLE TEAM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, and especially to my agent Jelena !!!
Top recommendations to everyone with the same problem from Boris with a new address !!!