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I would like to write a post about my experience of working with your agency and your agent, Zoran Đurđek. I met Zoran when he was looking at the apartment and it made an excellent impression from the beginning, because at the same time he was professional and laid back, the impression that he knew what he was saying and that he could release on it. Help was inevitable throughout the process and perfectly balanced the fine line of interest between sales and us as a buyer. He was always available and the whole process was extremely easy because of his effort. My wife and I have been talking about buying an apartment for years, we could not possibly decide on this step, it seems as complicated as it is very serious, so for 9 years we have been renting in various locations. There is no repetition, because of Zoran it was a great experience, and I still do not believe that everything went without any problems or downtime and that I am happy we live in a beautiful apartment that is ours. Now, with this experience, I know that it is quite sensible for me to hire a sales assistant when you're buying an apartment, and Zoran will be there to help me in the future. I am already thinking of selling an apartment in the center around which I will definitely hire Zoran, and my mom will need help selling her old apartment, and I have already agreed that when she launches by the end of the year, Zoran will be our mainstay in this. So you and Zoran enjoyed loyal customers and a good voice to recommend to anyone with similar help. Best regards Domagoj Bedeniković
by Domagoj Bedeniković
Dear Antonija, I would like to thank you once again for your speed when selling our land. You have really done a quick and effective sale because only 3 months have passed since our signing with you. In addition, I must commend you for your kindness, cordiality, and hard work for all my questions, to which I have always been given a very clear explanation, not need to think after our conversation about what you were said. I wish you to continue to do your job successfully and to make other people happy, because when you first met me, you left a deep impression of a confident person who knows how to do his job successfully. Ivanka Gostić
by Ivanka Gostić
Dear Sirs, in the last year I have been looking for an apartment. You can not only specify the number of rooms, bathroom, windows and balconies, I am looking for a home for my daughter and myself. I'm not just looking for a neighborhood, a floor, a park and a street, I'm looking for a space that will mark a new beginning. I'm not just looking for a wise, safe and profitable investment, I'm looking for new colors. For me, this is one of the important pursuits in life, because for me drawn many meanings on their own, and I have approached her extremely studiously, seriously and dedicatedly. Through it, I have had the opportunity to meet great people, space, lifestyle and thinking, with many real estate agencies and employees. To keep a positive tone I will only say - there was everything. That is why I have an urgent need - without any interest or desire - to single out, thank and recommend to working agent Antonija Mikšić from Opereta Real Estate. Since our first meeting, Antonja has been extremely professional, reliable, accurate, informed and transparent. Also, from the first meeting, it was clear that - apart from knowing her job - she also understands the importance of her role in other people's pursuits. If the secret window in the bathroom and that floor or that swing in front of the apartment is important to you, then so will I. Because of that - I'd say - she loves her job, but I love that job too. Her advice was always for the benefit and for the benefit, and never at the expense or burden of either party. As we rolled the steps under the umbrella from apartment number one to apartment number two towards apartment number three, and while I was losing hope, spirit and purpose, Antonija kept it, not rolling her eyes. I don't think she was even aware of how big and important the game was in my, but also in other clues. I wish I had a lot more people like this. Not just in real estate agencies, but in school, hospitals. in stores, on the road. everywhere. Warm, simple, kind, honest and hardworking, so I can write reviews and thank you notes more often. And it's me who, believe me, I'm not very demanding and "easy to handle." Thank her very much. Ana Prolić
by Ana Prolić
Since through your agency, using your services, I have been selling and buying a smaller apartment, I have to express my satisfaction with the whole cooperation. I was most helped by Kristijan, who led the whole process, and on this occasion I would like to point out and thank him for the engagement and help he has shown throughout the process. I am very pleased, all thanks to your agency, especially to Kristijan, to whom I am especially grateful for everything. You will always have my recommendation! Best regards Nada Kindler
by Nada Kindler
We are very happy about our house purchase with Franjo from Opereta agency. Franjo supported us very professionally from the start. We only had a few days from the first view of the real estate to the decision of buying, as we wanted to settle the purchase before we left Croatia. Franjo reacted very quickly and was available at any time, even on the weekend. We were able to turn to him with our many questions and concerns and received quick and precise answers around the clock. With his support in negotiating and organizing the purchase and contract, we are now the happy owners of our house and we are very grateful to him! We will definitely recommend Opereta, as this real estate agency has given us reliable, honest and professional advice. We felt that we were in good hands with every step from the viewing and price negotiations to the contract. Many thanks to your team and Franjo as our agent.
by Antje and Tomas Majnaric
We are extremely pleased with the engagement of your agent, Kristijan Mikuš, who we have also come to recommend. In the whole, quite stressful process of selling and buying an apartment, Kristijan was extremely patient, professional and helpful in every way. All praise Opereta for supporting, recognizing and recruiting such staff. Best regards Sanja
by Sanja Delač

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