Two years ago, I collaborated with Katarina Rošić from Operetta when selling a house. This time I contacted Mrs. Katarina for the purpose of renting out the apartment. She put me in touch with Milijana Grahovac, the apartment wasn't even in the Operetta classifieds for a week, solved. Both extremely friendly and businesslike. Every lip, every cent paid to the agency is worth it, hand over the keys to the agency and you have nothing to worry about anymore, they will contact you if they need to agree on any detail and solve everything in the best way.
by Dubravka Šćukanec
Very professional agent Lujo and more then that. He is always ready to go an extra mile for you I had very pleasant experience doing business with him and considering not knowing any Croatian laws he was always there for me, and they have a team of lawyers which help you all the way.
by Dino Karanovich
Helena is a wonderful, warm soul with whom I had great contact from the first moment. Everything that was agreed was carried out. Thank you for your hard work, persistence and consistency. All praise, because for her the word was really the law. Dear Helena, thank you for everything. You will always be a good recommendation.
by Tea Rubić
Hello, I would like to thank you for the cooperation with your agent Anto Dragović, who helped me in the purchase and sale of my two properties. My experience with Anto Dragović has been extremely positive in all aspects of cooperation. From the very search for real estate to a lot of patience and understanding according to my wishes related to that job. Rating from 1 to 10, pure ten!
by Edo Rubić
I belatedly thank Operetta for the great help in the sale of land on Pelješac. I am very grateful to Franja, who made it possible for me not to come to Croatia for the signature and certification, we made the sale without my coming to Zagreb at his suggestion. Many thanks to him for that. I highly recommend the agency Opereta and the agent Franjo, who has the experience and knowledge to manage a rather complex purchase and sale. Thank you very much, you have a recommendation from me.
by Srđan Stojanović
Extremely professional and cordial approach, with the agent Mrs. Sanda Martinčević, a series of tips on how to improve the chances of sales. For each recommendation, in case of need, they would hire the same agent and agency again!
by Ankica Focic
I want to praise the agents Karla and Tatjana, who helped us a lot in selling the apartment. Extremely professional and correct relationship. Everything was done very quickly to mutual satisfaction. I recommend the Opereta agency to future buyers and sellers.
by Ljiljana Kožinec
I would recommend cooperation with Operetta to everyone. Competent, fast, and most importantly, serious, very kind and always available. We worked with Helena and I can only say: the best so far. All warm recommendations and always again. Guaranteed 🤗
by Sanela Zeilner
At no point did I doubt that Operetta was the right choice when I needed to sell an apartment, but no matter how many excellent recommendations I had, I never dreamed that I would receive such treatment and encounter such professionalism. Karla was my guardian angel, she read my thoughts and solved all obstacles and problems even before I was aware of them. After several not-so-good experiences with agencies in other cities, this was a surreal experience that, to be honest, I didn't believe existed in our country. Reliable, professional, experienced, wise, pleasant - perfect! I must mention that the entire agency and all the employees with whom I had the opportunity to communicate had the same "professional code", which is a credit to all of them and a source of pride for the owner. They are doing a great job and I hope it stays that way.
by Marica
It was a pleasure to work with Miss Helena. All the necessary actions were carried out within the promised period. Helena was always ready to answer all questions as promptly as possible, regardless of the time difference. Having a very positive experience for either sale or purchase, I can recommend the Opereta agency and Miss Helena as an Opereta agent.
by D.B.
Dear Sir, Thanks to your real estate agent Luka Ribarić, our apartment purchase was completed very quickly and professionally. Mr. Luka Ribarić showed great enthusiasm and approachability and provided us with top-quality service. We will recommend you to our friends and in case of need we will continue to use your services. Kind regards
by Gordana i Ivan Žutić
Opereta as an agency and Antonija as an agent made the real estate sales experience as easy as possible with their approach to us as clients. Professionalism, expertise, and immediacy, from start to finish, with maximum effort to ensure that we don't reconsider this rather big life decision and that we are very satisfied with the outcome. We would like to thank the Operetta team, especially Antonia, who is always cheerful and ready to help. Contact them with confidence 🙂
by Ana Pavelic
All recommendations for Opereta and the agent Filip Cerovečki, who made every effort to sell the apartment and found a buyer for the apartment in a surprisingly short period of time... Simple and open communication as well as responsiveness and professionalism were excellent from the first day to the last. I recommend Filip to anyone who decides to buy or sell real estate.
Very nice and pleasant cooperation with professional and pleasant people. I would recommend cooperation with Opereta d.o.o. to everyone... I am satisfied and overjoyed... I was very satisfied and had a great time working with Miss Helena and she helped me a lot with everything. I would recommend her to anyone who asks me about my experience...
This was my first time buying a property in Croatia. It was complicated by the fact that I am a foreigner. Valentina explained the entire purchase process and answered all the questions I had. She was very patient and wanted to make sure that she understood all the requirements I had for a property. Valentina was always available to answer the questions I had and would go above and beyond. She answered questions quickly even outside of working hours which is very important to me. In addition to the property search within Opereta portfolio, she was willing to look for places that I sent that were outside of portfolio. On top of that, she helped with sorting out the financing and made the mortgage application process much easier. The overall process for the property purchase in Croatia is quite involved and frustrating at times but Valentina made it much smoother. I would definitely recommend her especially for people with a special situation like mine where someone willing to put extra work is required. Cheers, Andriy
by Andriy
Very good, I am extremely satisfied. I would like to praise the professionalism, and friendliness of agent Antonija, as well as her assessment of the value of the property I was selling. Thank you
by K.V.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Opereta, who made the purchase of real estate much easier for me. I would especially like to praise the agent Marko Kozić, who was always at my disposal. He always answered the phone regardless of the time of day and always answered my million questions. Marko really advised me during the entire process of searching for and buying real estate, and if it weren't for him, the whole process would have been much, much more stressful for me. I would also like to thank Tino Palanović, who also made the purchase process much easier for me. Without his professional advice, guidance and contacts in the bank, the realization of everything would have been much more difficult for me. And I don't even have to emphasize how kind and approachable Marko and Tin were. I am convinced that the guidance from Real Estate Operetta is worth every kuna.
by Lorena Draženović
In the past months, I had the pleasure of working with your agency and your employee Milan Brekal. Hereby I would like to thank you, and especially praise Mr. Milan for his friendliness, availability, and professionalism. Viewing appointments, preparation of documents, availability, communication, organization of the entire process, and the patience and advice he had for me as a buyer were at the highest level.
by J.S.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Operetta team, and especially Antonia Postružin, for all the help you have given us. The process of selling the apartment was stressful and emotionally difficult for us, and we only had 25 days in Croatia to prepare the apartment and complete the sale. Antonija was an immense help to us. With her cheerfulness, patience, and expertise, she approached each of our questions, and there were a lot of them because we haven't lived in Croatia for a long time and a lot of things were unknown to us. We received answers and all the help very quickly. It was a pure pleasure to work with her. We had a very nice experience with your agency and we can only warmly recommend you to our friends. Thank you very much.
by Ratko i Irena Loncar
This is our second collaboration with Operetta, both were amazing! They skilfully guided us through the entire process, always ready to answer our questions, and the helpfulness and kindness of the agents Helena and Matej are exceptional. Considering that we worked most closely with them, I must dedicate special praise for their engagement in this work. Operetta - for every recommendation.
by M. Nikolac
We are extremely pleased with the engagement of your agent, Kristijan Mikuš, who we have also come to recommend. In the whole, quite stressful process of selling and buying an apartment, Kristijan was extremely patient, professional and helpful in every way. All praise Opereta for supporting, recognizing and recruiting such staff. Best regards Sanja
by Sanja Delač
Dear Mr. Vujović, I would like to convey to you the words of praise regarding Robert's constant and self-initiated engagement throughout the period of my search for the apartment, for about a year. His professional attitude, with his caring and genuine interest in showing the client, are respectable. Best regards, Andrea Čerina
by Andrea Čerina
Dear Sirs, in the last year I have been looking for an apartment. You can not only specify the number of rooms, bathroom, windows and balconies, I am looking for a home for my daughter and myself. I'm not just looking for a neighborhood, a floor, a park and a street, I'm looking for a space that will mark a new beginning. I'm not just looking for a wise, safe and profitable investment, I'm looking for new colors. For me, this is one of the important pursuits in life, because for me drawn many meanings on their own, and I have approached her extremely studiously, seriously and dedicatedly. Through it, I have had the opportunity to meet great people, space, lifestyle and thinking, with many real estate agencies and employees. To keep a positive tone I will only say - there was everything. That is why I have an urgent need - without any interest or desire - to single out, thank and recommend to working agent Antonija Mikšić from Opereta Real Estate. Since our first meeting, Antonja has been extremely professional, reliable, accurate, informed and transparent. Also, from the first meeting, it was clear that - apart from knowing her job - she also understands the importance of her role in other people's pursuits. If the secret window in the bathroom and that floor or that swing in front of the apartment is important to you, then so will I. Because of that - I'd say - she loves her job, but I love that job too. Her advice was always for the benefit and for the benefit, and never at the expense or burden of either party. As we rolled the steps under the umbrella from apartment number one to apartment number two towards apartment number three, and while I was losing hope, spirit and purpose, Antonija kept it, not rolling her eyes. I don't think she was even aware of how big and important the game was in my, but also in other clues. I wish I had a lot more people like this. Not just in real estate agencies, but in school, hospitals. in stores, on the road. everywhere. Warm, simple, kind, honest and hardworking, so I can write reviews and thank you notes more often. And it's me who, believe me, I'm not very demanding and "easy to handle." Thank her very much. Ana Prolić
by Ana Prolić
I would like to write a post about my experience of working with your agency and your agent, Zoran Đurđek. I met Zoran when he was looking at the apartment and it made an excellent impression from the beginning, because at the same time he was professional and laid back, the impression that he knew what he was saying and that he could release on it. Help was inevitable throughout the process and perfectly balanced the fine line of interest between sales and us as a buyer. He was always available and the whole process was extremely easy because of his effort. My wife and I have been talking about buying an apartment for years, we could not possibly decide on this step, it seems as complicated as it is very serious, so for 9 years we have been renting in various locations. There is no repetition, because of Zoran it was a great experience, and I still do not believe that everything went without any problems or downtime and that I am happy we live in a beautiful apartment that is ours. Now, with this experience, I know that it is quite sensible for me to hire a sales assistant when you're buying an apartment, and Zoran will be there to help me in the future. I am already thinking of selling an apartment in the center around which I will definitely hire Zoran, and my mom will need help selling her old apartment, and I have already agreed that when she launches by the end of the year, Zoran will be our mainstay in this. So you and Zoran enjoyed loyal customers and a good voice to recommend to anyone with similar help. Best regards Domagoj Bedeniković
by Domagoj Bedeniković
Dear Antonija, I would like to thank you once again for your speed when selling our land. You have really done a quick and effective sale because only 3 months have passed since our signing with you. In addition, I must commend you for your kindness, cordiality, and hard work for all my questions, to which I have always been given a very clear explanation, not need to think after our conversation about what you were said. I wish you to continue to do your job successfully and to make other people happy, because when you first met me, you left a deep impression of a confident person who knows how to do his job successfully. Ivanka Gostić
by Ivanka Gostić
Since through your agency, using your services, I have been selling and buying a smaller apartment, I have to express my satisfaction with the whole cooperation. I was most helped by Kristijan, who led the whole process, and on this occasion I would like to point out and thank him for the engagement and help he has shown throughout the process. I am very pleased, all thanks to your agency, especially to Kristijan, to whom I am especially grateful for everything. You will always have my recommendation! Best regards Nada Kindler
by Nada Kindler
The jobs were done quickly and correctly, all arrangements were adhered to. The staff is at your service with very kindness and expertise. All praise to Kristijan. Best regards Stanka Perić
by Stanka Perić
Opereta is an excellent real estate agency staffed with top-notch employees. We worked closely with Andreja Brkić and Vladimir Mustapić and have nothing but wonderful things to say about both agents.
Andreja worked with us from the beginning of the process and Vladimir assisted us later. We were looking for an apartment to rent and Andreja’s speedy service and attention to detail helped us find the perfect location in about a week. Throughout the entire process, Andreja was very helpful and responsive. We do not speak Croatian, but Andreja’s English is very good and she was always willing to translate or explain anything. This could have been a very stressful experience, but we felt like she kept us informed with what was going on every step of the way and was always fighting for the best deal and experience for us.
Even after signing, we feel like Andreja and Vladimir will go above and beyond to help us. Highly recommend using this real estate agency.
Mike & Tara Shubbuck
by Mike & Tara Shubbuck
Franjo is a very reliable and also easy to talk to operator. He replies very quickly and you get every question answered- even late at night. I felt very comfortable and could easily trust in his work. I was also very happy with the work of the whole agency as well. Everything worked out quickly and turned out fine. I would recommend it to others. Alena Aigelsreiter
by Alena Aigelsreiter
We are very happy about our house purchase with Franjo from Opereta agency. Franjo supported us very professionally from the start. We only had a few days from the first view of the real estate to the decision of buying, as we wanted to settle the purchase before we left Croatia. Franjo reacted very quickly and was available at any time, even on the weekend. We were able to turn to him with our many questions and concerns and received quick and precise answers around the clock. With his support in negotiating and organizing the purchase and contract, we are now the happy owners of our house and we are very grateful to him! We will definitely recommend Opereta, as this real estate agency has given us reliable, honest and professional advice. We felt that we were in good hands with every step from the viewing and price negotiations to the contract. Many thanks to your team and Franjo as our agent.
by Antje and Tomas Majnaric
Ovim putem želim iskazati svoje zadovoljstvo kvalitetom Vaše usluge. Posebno bih pohvalio agenta Luku Pricu koji je na izrazito profesionalan način odradio sve ono što smo supruga i ja i očekivali. Možemo reći da smo oduševljeni što smo u vrlo kratkom vremenu pronašli naš novi dom i to upravo zbog gospodina Prica koji je gotovo pa u svako doba dana bio na raspolaganju i odgovarao na sva pitanja i nedoumice koje smo imali. Bit ću toliko slobodan i preporučiti agenciju Opereta i gospodina Luku Pricu svojim prijateljima, poznanicima te u konačnici i partnerima s kojima svakodnevno komuniciram. Još jednom veliko hvala i primite pozdrave od obitelji Tomšić.
by Josip Tomšić
Želim Vam zahvaliti kao agenciji, a posebno g. Denisu Modrušanu što nam je pronašao stan i bio na usluzi čitavo vrijeme. Jos jednom sve pohvale mladom g. Denisu. Obitelj Čičin-Šain
by Obitelj Čičin-Šain
Javljam Vam se sa željom i namjerom da pohvalim Vašu djelatnicu Nikolinu Kovač s kojom sam imala priliku pogledati nekoliko stanova te s kojom sam bila u kontaktu za vrijeme moje potrage za stanom. Naime iako na kraju nismo realizirali kupnju, njen trud profesionalizam i ljubaznost su bili toliko iznadprosječni u usporedbi sa savim ostalim agentima s kojim sam se susrela da nisam htjela propustiti priliku da pohvalim osobu koja je to zaista zaslužila. Dunja Brestovac, Mpharm
by Dunja Brestovac
Poštovani gospodine Vujović, na zamolbu moje sestre Mirjane Fuchs i mene da nam pomognete u prodaji stana u Domobranskoj 21/5 u Zagrebu preporučili ste nam svog suradnika gospodina Denisa Modrušana. Vjerujem da Vam je već poznato da smo stan prodali, ali koristim ovu prigodu kako bih izrazila naše zadovoljstvo angažmanom Vašeg djelatnika. Gospodin Modrušan nenametljivo i krajnje obzirno vodio nas je kroz cijeli proces koji nije bio lak, ali je polučio željeni rezultat. Pri tome je pokazao izuzetnu sposobnost uvjeravanja i prihvaćanja zakonitosti tržišta u odnosu na našu osobnu percepcija vrijednosti nekretnine, a odgovornim i angažiranim pristupom i korisnim prijedlozima zaslužio je naše povjerenje što je u ovakvom poslu od izuzetnog značaja.Budući da su u poslu najvrijedniji ljudi, uvjerena sam da će Opereta i nadalje uspješno poslovati sa suradnicima kao što je godpodin Modrušan. Hvala uz pohvalu i za svaku preporuku. Srdačni pozdrav, Snježana Balić i Mirjana Fuchs
by Snježana Balić i Mirjana Fuchs
Poštovani g. Vujović, Nedavno sam prodao stan u Zagrebu preko Vaše agencije Opereta. Želim ovom prilikom Vama, kao direktoru agencije, dati do znanja kako sam više nego zadovoljan s cijelim posredovanjem koje je trajalo nekoliko mjeseci. Posebno želim naglasiti kako je g. Devčić u toku cijele naše suradnje bio od velike pomoći, vrlo profesionalan, stalno me obavještavao o toku stvari, bio dostupan u svakom trenutku (nekada i u kasne sate). Obzirom da nisam bio u prilici biti u Zagrebu, g. Devčić je omogućio da obavimo primopredaju nekretnine bez moga prisustva. To je za mene bilo vrlo pozitivno iskustvo sa puno povjerenja i u svakoj prilici mogu samo preporučiti Operetu. Želim Vam daljnji uspjeh. S poštovanjem, Neven Ujević
by Neven Ujević
Poštovani gospodine Vujović, Nakon nedavno realizirane prodaje našeg stana, jednostavno osjećamo potrebu da iznesemo svoje dojmove. Naime, cijeli postupak izvršen uz suradnju Vašeg djelatnika, gospodina Roberta Turčića, pretvorio je takvu potencijalno traumatičnu situaciju u izuzetno ugodno iskustvo. Gospodin Robert nije žalio ni vremena ni truda da preporuči, koordinira i realizira naše želje i zahtjeve. Zahvaljujući takvom pristupu, strpljivosti i profesionalnosti, posao je realiziran uz naše potpuno zadovoljstvo. S poštovanjem, Tomislav i Ksenija Vrinjanin
by Tomislav i Ksenija Vrinjanin
I do not currently live in the Republic of Croatia and I decided to hire a reliable real estate agency in order to buy an apartment in Zagreb. Opereta was recommended to me. After the first visit to their office, I contacted Mrs. Ana Senija, who was my guide for the current offer on Zagreb real estate market and later for the process of buying an apartment. Simple and precise in communication, competent in knowing the market and legal facts, exceptionally accurate but flexible in the agreements, Mrs. Senija was a very nice agent. All parts of our contract were met precisely and on time, and the whole process of buying, which can be stressful and risky, was done smoothly and without any complications. Many thanks to Ana and Opereta! Edita Fabek musician
by Edita Fabek
Opereta is a real European real estate agency. They are very professional and efficient, and that is why I let them sell my real estate exclusively. Lana charmed me with her approach and made that great change in life a pleasant experience. Vlado Božičević Director at Croatian National TV
by Vlado Božičević
By concluding a mediation contract in the sale of real estate by entrusting an exclusive representation to Opereta Agency, I, as a seller, have realized my primary aim - selling the apartment in a short period. By means of such representation, the Agency emphasizes the fact of exclusivity in its advertising, thus avoiding the advertising of the same property by other agencies in different media / advertisements. Namely, such mass advertising in my opinion is counterproductive, as the property is constantly imposed on a large number of advertisements, which, after a short time, makes it uninteresting. Indeed, the impression is that it is long-held for sale on the market and that, for that very reason, is unlikely to be of high quality. Furthermore, since the Agency chooses, the contact with potential buyers is minimized. The communication with the Agency is efficient because you are in touch with a small number of agents, so there is no unnecessary repetition and explanation, or excessive consumption of time. Lovro Kovačić Lawyer
by Lovro Kovačić
I strongly recommend the "Operetta" agency because they are very professional and because they are doing their best to meet the wishes and needs of the clients. I was convinced of this through my own experience when I was selling the old and buying a new apartment this summer. I did not have to worry about anything, everything was done to the finest detail, and even more than formally determined things by contract. If it was not for "Operetta" and their maximum effort, I would probably never realize my sale and purchase of the new apartment. I was most assisted by the owner and the director of the agency, Mr. Boro Vujovic, and his close associate Ms. Divna. The decoration of a new apartment, within the same deal, was done by "Opereta’s" architect Mrs. Ana Popovic Vujovic.
by Darko Hudelist
How to in just 60 days after a life-changing decision about selling the real estate, find and buy a new one??? The solution is simple ... .. !!!!!! You hire Jelena !!!!! .... And then you meet the other employees of "Opereta", the real estate agency ....and - the problem is solved !!!!! I'm impressed with the entire Opereta team because they work great together and ensure that client’s needs are met, and the client feels he/she is always their priority. Jelena Kravoscanec-Todorovic has done everything possible so that I managed to sell my apartment, buy a new one, arrange a super loan, find a good team for moving, all within two months. And with all that, her professional, approachable, and serene attitude made the entire process so much easier. I THANK THE WHOLE TEAM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, and especially to my agent Jelena !!! Top recommendations to everyone with the same problem from Boris with a new address !!!
by Boris Mirković
Dear Sir/Madam: It is my immense pleasure to recommend Goran Devcic as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home or tenant for their unique situation. Devcic had an initial meeting with me and took diligent notes regarding my specific needs in renting my apartment. He is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to quickly find a suitable tenant due to the short timing. A master with the contract negotiations, Devcic came up with a deal that was good for both parties. I found Devcic to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if I was his only customers, although I know that was not the case. He returned all phone calls and emails the same day. I never felt neglected or unimportant. He is also highly personable with an engaging personality. I am pleased to recommend Goran Devcic to anyone looking to rent, buy or sell a home in Croatia. He is hands down the best in the business in my opinion and he will be my first choice in the future in real estate agents. If you want to discuss our experience in more detail please feel free to contact either one of my contacts, phone: +1 917 349 6784 or by email at Regards, Ilirjana Shehu

Counselor for Foreign Relations and International Trade
by Ilirjana Shehu
Dear Goran I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all your great work associated with letting the above property. You approach was most businesslike and and reassuring. In particular, we found your assistance with the contract and hand-over most professional. We look forward to working with you again on any real-estate needs that we may have in the future. Kind regards Karl Karol
by Karl & Karol
I first met Jelena K. Todorovic in 2009, whilst looking for an apartment to rent. Her friendly and very professional approach, extensive knowledge and hard work made this experience extremely easy and stress-free. I have moved twice since, each time with help from Jelena and Opereta, and would have no hesitation in recommending both. Opereta offers a complete package of services and I have every confidence in their capable team. I would not consider using another agency for any of my property transactions. Tajana Goss
by Tajana Goss
The idea to buy a flat in Zagreb came to me and my girlfriend absolutely spontaneously. We both are from Moscow and live there. In the same time we like Croatia very much and one day we got inflamed to buy our own private place in Zagreb. We have a lot of good friends there so we actually could rely on their opinion and take a risk to choose flat remotely while being in Moscow. We searched for the options over the local websites and Opereta was the choice. We didn’t hesitate for a long time and decided to take that flat. And this is how we contacted Divna for the first time, a wonderful agent and incredible person. Despite we've been in touch just via email and phone at the beginning, she made the whole process of the purchasing to be extremely clear, fast and smooth. She helped to arrange all papers and documents easily and when we finally came to Zagreb we just putted our signatures and have received the papers of the ownership, that’s it! And the most exciting moment for sure was when we took the very first look on our new flat! No doubt we wasn't disappointed at all! For some people it could appear like a reckless scheme to buy such a serious thing «blindly». But I don’t think that was the matter of luck, we felt like we can fully trust to Opereta and we were absolutely right. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Divna, our friends Andrej and Mario, and to the lovely family of the previous owners!
by Andrey Gugnin & Oksana Sidyagina
Dear Sandra, we were most impressed and delighted with your personal involvement in this this trying period of our lives. We would like to pass this message to the head of your department. Aitan has not had a reason to trust estate agents in the past but now does. We are so happy to have met you and had (and will have:) pleasure to work with you, Our warmest regards, A. & lo.
by Dr. Lore Ikovac-Szlapak & G. Aitan Szlapak
We would like to thank Andreja Brkić and the Opereta Team for making us feel at home…in our new home in Zagreb. The service was outstanding, and was clear and precise. Andreja made it easy for us and it was a pleasure dealing with her. We are very happy with the service she offered. We would highly recommend Opereta, thanks to Andreja. Kind regards Ivan Short
by Ivan Short
I would like to thank Opereta's team for the efficiency and the information that was done at the right time and without problems. Most of all, our agent Zoran Đurđek, who was with us from the beginning, encouraged us and he thinks about us in every way and he was always available and gave us tips on how and what to do throughout the process. The process of moving and selling a property is stressful enough in itself, but with good agency, the team and the agent, all possible problems were put out of the way. Team and agents are connected and educated, we are certainly satisfied with Zoran. He and all Opereta team have our warm recommendation.
by Hana Božičević
As for the Opereta service, I have absolutely all the same praise. It personally took me a month until all the administration had been resolved until Matej Samardzić had resolved everything in less than two hours. Buying a house in Croatia and copying all papers it in less than two hours is simply not possible without people like this. I am still under the impression that such professional and capable people have been capable doing all the work in less than two hours. Just amazing Filip Borovec is a true expert in his business. From personal experience, we strongly recommend everyone to hire Opereta so that they can resolve everything quickly and efficiently. The last time I have seen such a seriousness in business, professionalism, ability and speed was in Switzerland and I am just delighted.
by Anto Botić
Dear Andreja, I would like to emphasize once again how your level of professionalism and quality of relationships have been at an enviable level all the time, and we hope that in the future we will be able to count on your help with challenges in your domain. Honor and pleasure, Michael
by Mihael Šarić
Ja sam Stanislav Urem iz Zadra. Naravno da znate, vaša agencija je posredovala u kupoprodaji mog stana u Ilici. Prvo da se zahvalim vama kao agenciji i osobno što ste u jednom trenutku postupili veoma korektno i vrhunski profesionalno. Posebno želim pohvaliti vašu agenticu Danielu Ražov koja je preuzela posao oko dogovaranja, vezano za prodaju odnosno kupnju stana. Ona je u maniri pravog profesionalca cijelu priču izvela do kraja na trostrano (barem tako pretpostavljam) zadovoljstvo. Uvjeren sam da nije ona uskočila u datom trenutku, ja bih vjerovatno odustao. Potpuno mi je jasno da bih pogrješio, ali što se tu može, u tome trenutku. Daniela je stvar izuzetno dobro iskomunicirala. Moje pohvale u svakom pogledu! Stanislav Urem, Zadar
by Stanislav Urem
Suradnja s Operetom bilo je naše prvo iskustvo kupnje stana. Naš agent Ivan Karatović pomogao nam je u tome i olakšao cijeli proces. Dobili smo sve informacije koju smo tražili, i neke za koje nismo znali da ih trebamo tražiti. Ivan nam je stalno bio na raspolaganju i pomagao, nenametljivo što se nama jako svidjelo. Naše zadovoljstvo najbolje pokazuje činjenica da smo se Opereti obratili i za prodaju drugog stana. Svaka pohvala i preporuka za ubuduće! Tea i Tomislav Valešić
by Tea i Tomislav Valešić
Ako kupujete stan preko Operete možete mirno spavati. Profesionalnost i lakoća poslovanja je nevjerojatna. Najugodnije iznenađenje, u stresnoj proceduri odabira i kupovanja stana. Apsolutno će sve odraditi za vas. Posebno hvala agentici Antoniji Mikšić koja je odradila vrhunski posao.
by Tihomir Adam
Evo nakon par dana dojmovi su se sredili a ja nakon svega mogu samo još jednom zahvaliti Antoniji Mikšić na svemu – puno više nego korektno odrađenom poslu. Bila je tu u svakom trenutku, raspoložena za sva moja pitanja i nedoumice, uvijek vedra, pozitivna i uslužna. Nadam se da će takva ostati i dalje, a ja ću je sa zadovoljstvom preporučiti svakom kome bude potrebna takva usluga. Veliki pozdrav od više nego zadovoljnog klijenta. Lea Lasić, knjigovođa
by Lea Lasić
Željela bih pohvaliti agenciju za nekretnine Opereta zbog visoke profesionalnosti i ljubaznosti kao i izvrsne suradnje te bih je preporučila i budućim klijentima s punom odgovornošću. Zdenka Res
by Zdenka Res
Kao ponosna i konačno ipak gruntovno dokazana vlasnica stana, nakon svih dramatičnih događaja (od kompliciranog kupca iz Hustona do krivo sročene punomoći iz Pensylvannije), željela bih čestitati ekipi Operete na uspješnom rješenju svih problema i srdačno zahvaliti ne samo na zalaganju da se teškoće prevladaju, već i na svesrdnoj podršci da preživim sve šokove. Bila sam totalni vanzemaljac u svijetu nekretnina, ali odveli ste me do cilja iako se ponekad činilo da za to nema nikakvog izgleda. Puno hvala svima, ja mogu samo obećati da više ništa neću kupovati ni prodavati, jer čini se da privlačim posebnu vrstu nevolja, a doista vam ne želim još takvih situacija. Od srca vam zahvaljujem i želim puno mnogo manje kompliciranih kupaca i prodavatelja. Irena Naglić
by Irena Naglić
Želim se zahvaliti Denisu Modrušanu na uspješnom vođenju cijelog postupka kupoprodaje. Mislim da ste od prvog kontakta, tijekom pregovora, sklapanja ugovora i realizacije primopredaje pokazali visoku profesionalnost, uključenost i poznavanje procedure, a time nam bili koristan pratitelj i savjetnik. Nadam se da ćemo se vidjeti nakon uređenja i preseljenja u novu kuću, a možda i ranije. Još jednom zahvaljujem u ime supruge i u svoje ime. Srdačan pozdrav Hrvoje Krndelj
by Hrvoje Krndelj
Dear Mr. Ivan, I would like to thank you for everything you did during my several months search for a flat in Maksimir. Your kindness, understanding of customer wishes and your professional approach are the reason for every praise and recommendation. Although I have found another apartment, without the help of any agency, I will definitely recommend Opereta to everybody I know because you are different from the other agencies when it comes to professionalism. Opereta team called me and contacted me by email when they thought they had an apartment that might suit me, and my requirements were not simple. Once again, thank you all, especially Ivan, with cordial greetings and wishing you success in your further work. With respect, Olivera Dundovic, Rovinj
by Olivera Dundović
Zahvaljujemo se djelatnicima Operete pri prodaji naše nekretnine, gospođi Ani koja je stan pokazivala i pomogla pri pronalasku kupca te gospođi Lani koja je pomogla pri samom potpisivanju ugovora, gospodinu Bori koji nam je pružio potrebne informacije o tome koliko je zainteresiranih kupaca pitalo i vidjelo stan i na tome da smo u miru mogli obavljati svoje svakodnevne obveze ne brinući o tome kako ide prodaja jer ste nas o tome pravovremeno obavještavali. O svojem zadovoljstvu vašim radom odnosno profesionalnošću rado razgovaramo i preporučamo vas svim našim prijateljima koji žele u miru obaviti kupnju ili prodaju nekretnine.
by Suzana Nogić
Prodaja/kupnja nekretnine posljednjih godina postao je prilično zahtjevni zadatak, pa je u takvim okolnostima neobično važno pronaći pouzdanu i profesionalnu tvrtku. Imale smo sreću naići na takvu - agenciju Opereta s izuzetno profesionalnim osobljem, a za nas je to na prvom mjestu gospođa Ana Šenija, koja nas je svo vrijeme vodila s puno pažnje, dobre volje i predanosti. Oduševila nas je, naravno, svojom profesionalnošću, strpljivošću, optimizmom, kao i odmjerenošću i šarmom - pa je njenim zalaganjem prodaja naše nekretnine zaokružena "meko i lako", na obostrano zadovoljstvo. Svo osoblje tvrtke Opereta koje smo u međuvremenu povremeno imale sreću upoznati, također zavređuje naše pohvale, no za nas je naša agentica koja nas je vodila od početka do kraja - gospođa Ana Šenija - svakako osoba koje ćemo se uvijek rado sjetiti i sa zadovoljstvom je preporučiti. Ingeborg Glušac, Marija Platz
by Marija Platz
Supruzi i meni ovo je prva nekretnina i prva kupovina nekretnine. Iskustvo s gospođom Karlom je vrlo pozitivno i ugodno. Od prvog susreta i inicijalnih dogovora sve je bilo i ostalo transparentno i jasno. Na sve upite dobili smo pravovremene i jasne, nedvosmislene odgovore. Agencija Opereta nam je u svakom trenutku izlazila u susret s dobrim savjetima od poslovnice banke i bankara, pripreme dokumentacije, rješavanja svih administrativnih pitanja od prijenosa vlasništva do prijepisa režija. Napominjem da smo se u svakom trenutku osjećali sigurno i ni u jednom trenutku nismo imali dojam da je nešto nejasno, neodređeno i nepoznato, što je vrlo ugodna spoznaja i cijenimo to. Preporučio bih agenciju Operetu i gospođu Karlu, jer su nas, kao kupce, oslobodili stresnih poslova oko dokumentacije i administracije. Također, stručnim savjetima su nam uštedjeli i vremena i sredstava na čemu smo im zahvalni. Igor Perković
by Igor Perković
Želimo pohvaliti vašeg djelatnika gosp. Gorana Devčića s obzirom na njegovu operativnost, iznimno izraženu komunikativnost između stranaka te način komunikacije. Od prvog do zadnjeg našeg kontakta bio je vrlo profesionalan i kulturan što je danas rijetko.
by Hrvoje Stipić i Marija Tijan
Za Operetu, tj. gospodina Vedrana Marasovića sam se odlučila slijedom preporuke kolegice, koja je bila izuzetno zadovoljna uslugama agencije. Iz vlastitog iskustva sada mogu gospodina Marasovića dalje preporučiti kao vrlo profesionalnu, pouzdanu, odgovornu i susretljivu osobu, koja je cijeli proces posredovanja u prodaji stana popratila i njime odlično rukovodila. Mirjana Šlat, direktorica
by Mirjana Šlat
Kao što je poznato, iskustva kupovine prve nekretnine su među najvećim uzročnicima stresa uopće, osim razvoda, no tad se gube nekretnine pa je razumljivo zašto je to još veći šok. Potraga za stanom izgleda kao stalna borba sa zmajevima. Čovjek ima osjećaj da mu treba 10 fakulteta samo da svlada osnove te igre! No, ja sam imao sreću da sam među morem oglasa naletio baš na agenciju za nekretnine „Opereta,“ a posebno na njihovog djelatnika Denisa Modrušana. Od tada je potraga za stanom bila kao tableta za smirenje. Denis je olakšao i prokrčio put od upoznavanja s vlasnikom do kupovine nekretnine. Od srca mu hvala jer se pokazao kao vješt profesionalac i izvrstan savjetnik / prijatelj. Ivan Šoda – Cotić
by Ivan Šoda – Cotić
Želio bih se zahvaliti Sandri Gluvaković Juratovac na dosadašnjoj našoj suradnji oko prodaje naših nekretnina. Doista je sve odradila profesionalno i korektno na naše osobito zadovoljstvo. Iako je situacija na tržištu nekretnina komplicirana i teška, njenim znanjem i stručnom pristupu ovom poslu doista nas je ugodno iznenadila prodajom čak tri nekretnine u rekordno kratkom roku, naravno u dogovoru s nama i u skladu sa situacijom na tržištu nekretnina. Svakako ćemo i dalje nastaviti ovu dobru suradnju. Primite moje najljepše pozdrave i pozdrave moje supruge. Olivera i Miroslav Buzadžić
by Olivera i Miroslav Buzadžić
Vaše dvije djelatnice Antonija Mikšić i Iva Ivanjko su ovaj kompleksan predmet uspješno odradile. Iako smo u početku imali poteškoća u početnom prodajnom procesu pokazale su visoko znanje u kasnijem dijelu realizacije. Te visoki angažman prema kupcima i prodavateljima. Sinergija između 5 osoba nije bila laka, ali je uz njih postala takva. Gdje sam pravovremno dobivao na dnevnoj razini informacije koje su u mom slučaju stvorile sigurnost, da će svi biti odrađeno u roku. Ovim putem želim naglasiti da pozdravljam ovakav pristup klijentu, te da ih po Vašem pravilniku nagradite. Isto tako biti ću slobodan preporučiti Vas svojim partnerima i prijateljima kao tvrtku koju je potrebno angažirati po pitanju kupovine nekretnina.
by Tihomir Tot
Poštovani, Ovom prilikom želim da vam iskažem svoju zahvalnost i zadovoljstvo kvalitetom pruženih usluga sa vaše strane. Kao stranac u ovom gradu, imao sam sreću da stupim u kontakt sa vašom agencijom i agentom Goranom Devčićem, koji je krajnje odgovorno i profesionalno obavio svoj dio posla, svesrdno mi pomogao da pronađem adekvatan smještaj u najkraćem mogućem roku i da organizujem svoj boravak u Zagrebu. Pošto imam dosta iskustva u sličnom posredovanju iz drugih zemalja, moram da kažem da se vaš nivo i kvalitet usluge može vrlo konkurentno boriti sa onima na zapadu, jer imate standard poslovanja koji pre svega zadovoljava potrebe klijenata. Zbog svega toga, imao sam potrebu da vam uputim ove riječi zahvalnosti i poželim uspješan nastavak rada. Branko Trifković Direktor, Intralot Adriatic
by Branko Trifković
Pred dva dana okončala sam kupovinu stana u Ratkajevom prolazu preko vaše agencije. Sve je proteklo glatko i bez problema uz posredovanje vašeg agenta gosp. Turčića. Robert je bio izuzetno poslovan, pouzdan i uljudan. Također me ugodno iznenadilo da su već nakon dva dana bile prebačene sve režije na moje ime. Sve čestitke vašoj agenciji i Robertu. Srdačan pozdrav, Marina Kesner-Škreb Stručna savjetnica, Institut za javne financije
by Marina Kesner-Škreb
Htjela bih samo zahvaliti na suradnji oko pronalaženja stana za najam. Naime, nazvala sam agenciju jer sam vidjela oglas za najam nekog stana i javio mi se jako brzo g. Devčić. Kako mi taj stan nije odgovarao zbog lokacije, ponudio mi je odmah vrlo spretno jedan koji je tek trebao ići u oglašavanje. Odmah, drugi dan, smo ga pogledali i ja sam dala svoju ponudu koja je i prihvaćena. Hvala na brzini, korektnosti i profesionalnosti koju je g. Devčić iskazao i predstavio vašu agenciju u najboljem svjetlu. Jako sam zadovoljna sa stanom i s vašim posredovanjem. Lijep pozdrav, Lidija Baltin, univ.spec.pol.
by Lidija Baltin
Samim tim što postoji mogućnost izjasniti se i reći svoje iskustvo u poslovanju sa Vašom kućom, već uvelike govori da se radi o kući koja "europski diše". No, svima nama je jasno da nema "europske kuće" bez dobrog tima i profesionalaca, odnosno ljudi koji znaju svoj posao i imaju profesionalni pristup u obavljanju istog. Nadasve, željela bih istaknuti gospođicu Nikolinu Kovač, agenticu koja je posredovala u kupnji moje nekretnine, te naglasiti njen vrhunski profesionalizam, uljuđeno i izrazito kulturno ponašanje u svakom kontaktu i korespodenciji. Njeno znanje, točnost i ažurnost u rješavanju dogovorenih obveza, bilo je na razini vrhunskog profesionalca. Nadalje, moram reći da poznam tržište nekretnina i imala sam već iskustva sa mnogim agentima ,ali ugodu i stručnost, te finoću u ophođenju koju mi je pružila gđica Kovač, nisam srela. Njena profesionalnost i korektnost, pridonijeli su ugodnoj i vrlo uspješno suradnji, te kvalitenoj realizaciji projekta. Želim izraziti zadovoljstvo u radu sa gđicom.Kovač i zahvaliti se na besprijekorno obavljenom poslu. Blago "kući" koja ju ima. Lijep pozdrav! Marija Fumić, prokurist, ing.građ.
by Marija Fumić
Dragi Luka, Hvala ti na uloženom trudu koji je rezultirao uspješno obavljenom prodajom stana u svega četiri mjeseca. Iako sam svjestan da iza tebe stoji cijeli pogon agencije Opereta, želim naglasiti kako sam impresioniran tvojim stručnim znanjima i vještinama, poznavanjem tržišta nekretnina, a posebno pravim omjerom profesionalnog i osobnog u odnosu prema meni kao klijentu. Budem li u situaciji da me pita netko od mojih prijatelja, poznanika ili kolega, svakako ću preporučiti agenciju Opereta i tebe osobno. Pozdrav, Ratko Stanković
by Ratko Stanković
Nakon završene poslovne transakcije (prodaja stana iz nasljeđa u Zg), vrijeme je da se osvrnem i koliko-toliko objektivnim review-om okončam tu moju march-or-die avanturu prodaje nekretnine u RH. Ukratko,zahvaljujući Opereti (konkretno agentici Nikolini) sve je bilo u redu. Ne želim, niti bi bilo pošteno čitavu tvrtku hvaliti ili kuditi obzirom na to da neznam kako drugi agenti funkcioniraju; za Nikolinu mogu reći samo da se pokazala i dokazala kao pouzdan partner i da je obavila posao korektno, temeljito,kompetentno,komunikativno i u prijateljskom tonu(što je često teško u poslovnim transakcijama); ukratko, što sam očekivao i zahtijevao (bože mili, posredovanje sam platio!) to sam dobio. Toliko o Nikolini…bravo! Još da se osvrnem na jednu drugu stvar, koja se tiče tvrtke. Imam dosta iskustva sa posrednicima na tržištu nekretnina u Nizozemskoj, jer sam gore kupovao i prodavao 4 stambena objekta (kuća,stan) pa znam kako stvari tamo funkcioniraju. Nisam pobornik tih naših balkanskih običaja, uz kavicu sklapati kupoprodajne ugovore u time out-u rasprave o političkim strankama, koliko zgaženih je danas na križanju Savske i Vukovarske itd. To iskustvo imam od odprilike prije tri godine kad sam kupovao appt. na Jadranu. Ne trpim usmene dogovore kad je novac u pitanju. To je za te naše balkanske ímobilije’ profesionace koji u kafićima posluju. Ergo,ugodno sam se iznenadio jer sve što je usmeno dogovoreno,stoji na papiru. Tako se radi! Last but not least, još jedan plus tvrtki i implicitno Nikolini, ne poznajem strukturu tvrtke, ali imam utisak da su agenti mandatirani po gradskim četvrtima; Nikolina je u svakom slučaju znala dosta o četvrti u kojoj je bio taj moj stan,a bio sam toliko slobodan da sam malo prograbljao šta ona sve prodaje, uglavnom stanovi u istom dijelu grada. Važno je da posrednik,bio on zastupnik kupca ili prodavača nije signifikantno, poznaje materiju, da bude profesionalac u svom poslu.
by Mihajlo Sekulić
Poštovani, želimo se zahvaliti Vašoj agenciji, a posebice agentici Nikolini Kovač, na stručnoj pomoći pri kupnji naše nekretnine. Od trenutka, kad se naša obitelj dogovorila za kupnju nekretnine, pa do njezinog ostvarenja, protekla su nepuna tri mjeseca. U ovu avanturu krenuli smo posve sami i nepripremljeni za ono što se na tržištu trenutno nudi i ono što smo mi uistinu htjeli: točno određena lokacija, površina i cijena. Ta tri osnovna elementa bila su u disproporciji između naših želja i stvarnih mogućnosti. Ili se radilo o lokaciji ili o cijeni ili o kvadraturi… Sve u svemu, nismo se predavali, unatoč tomu što smo se pri tomu nagledali i lijepih i ružnih i precijenjenih nekretnina. Ali, takva je stvarnost s tržištem, a to znaju svi oni koji kupuju i oni koji prodaju nekretnine u Hrvatskoj. No, hrabre prati sreća, tako kaže poslovica. Imali smo uistinu sreću kad smo upoznali gospođicu Nikolinu Kovač koja je zastupala prodavateljicu nekretnine u Vaše ime. Da bi istodobno bili zadovoljni i prodavatelj i kupac, potrebno je prirođeno umijeće za dvosmjernu i inteligentnu komunikaciju, malo empatije i puno stručnoga znanja. A to je sve ono što posjeduje gospođica Nikolina. Gospođica Nikolina obavila je besprijekorno svoj posao koji se odnosio na razgledavanje nekretnina, odgovore na razne upite u vezi s njima, te cjelokupni pravni posao pri obavljenoj kupoprodaji. Naša se obitelj želi gospođici Nikolini toplo zahvaliti na njezinoj pomoći tijekom cijeloga postupka kupoprodaje, a Vašu ćemo agenciju svakako preporučiti potencijalnim klijentima, posebice našoj rodbini, prijateljima i poslovnim kolegama. Toliko od nas. Želimo Vam još puno zadovoljnih prodavatelja i usrećenih kupaca, Vaši Avenka i Branimir Butković
by Avenka i Branimir Butković
Poštovani! Volio sam pisati ljubavna pisma, pjesme, zapise i ostalo što čovjeka dira i podsjeća na nešto zbog čega je doživio neki dobar osjećaj. Ali evo i jedna vaša djelatnica je probudila u meni nešto zbog čega vam se obraćam. Neću duljiti opisivanjem s kojim sam se sve nedaćama susretao dok nisam započeo suradnju s vašom agencijom. Imao sam sreću, što je prvi kontakt, mene i moje supruge s gospodičnom Nikolinom Kovač dao naslutiti da će naša suradnja biti uspješna. Naš dogovor o svemu bio je direktan i konkretan bez natezanja (čist račun, duga ljubav), baš onako kako bi se trebalo poslovati. Sve sam joj objasnio i rekao što mi želimo, te smo joj dali odriješene ruke, da bi uspjeh bio na zadovoljstvo i nas, i agencije. Bili smo strpljivi, tihi i mirni jer je gospodična Nikolina tako djelovala na nas. Možda se malo odužilo, ali u današnje vrijeme i to je veliki uspjeh. Evo, ovih dana smo okončali uspješno prodaju. Nadam se da gospodična Nikolina nema zamjerke na našu suradnju, kao što mi nemamo na njenu. Velika hvala na trudu i zalaganju sviju u lancu, a posebno simpatičnoj gospodični Nikolini Kovač. Završio bih ovo obraćanje onako kako sam i počeo: Hvala ti Bože što se još mogu naći osobe s kojima možeš surađivati i koji probude u tebi nešto, pa makar povod tome bila i uspješna prodaja stana. Uz osobno poštovanje, Boro i Dubravka Majić
by Boro i Dubravka Majić
Ovim putem se zahvaljujemo agenciji Opereta, posebno gđi. Antoniji Mikšić na susretljivosti, ljubaznosti i profesionalno odrađenom poslu tijekom prodaje našeg stana. Hvala jos jednom na svemu, imate naše preporuke. Lp Miroslav Anić sa suprugom
by Miroslav Anić
Rado bi zahvalila vašoj agenciji, odnosno gospođi Divni s kojom sam surađivala. Rada bih naglasila, da je gospođa Divna izvrsno obavljala svoj posao, na visokoj profesionalnoj razini, što dandanas baš i nije uobičajeno. Sve je teklo, kako smo se dogovorile, uvijek su sve stvari bile napravljene u dogovoreno vrijeme i to kvalitetno. Gospođa Divna je na mene ostavila dojam osobe kojoj mogu vjerovati i da joj nije cilj samo da iznajmi stan i da zaradi proviziju agenciji, nego da želi i udovoljiti svojem klijentu, da bude zadovoljan. Što znači, da joj je stalo i do toga kakav će sa druge strane biti najmoprimatelj. Na gđi Divni je vidljivo kako voli raditi ovaj posao! Kada će biti potrebno, opet ću rado navratiti u vašu agenciju i potražiti vaše usluge i nadam se i suradnji sa gđom Divnom.
by Vida Guštin, Slovenija, Maribor
Moram priznati da je moje iskustvo s Operetom, a posebice sa Sandrom, bilo puno bolje nego sam se nadao. Planirao sam kupiti dva stana, no ni sam u to nisam previše vjerovao. Naime, bojao sam se onoga što se često zna dogoditi, a što se jednostavno zove - "naša posla". Vi ste se svi potrudili da se moj plan ostvari. Sandra me je izmorila obilaskom stanova (što sam ja i tražio), ukazivala na dobre i loše strane ponuđenog u odnosu na moje kriterije, i na kraju me je dovela do kupovine ta dva stana. Jako sam zadovoljan ponudom, obilascima, načinom dolaska do uže liste, pomoći pri odabiru i analiziranju... Jednom riječju, odlično - nadao sam se kakvoj takvoj suradnji i kupovini tih stanova, a dobio sam nekoga kome mogu vjerovati, i prijateljicu uz to. Ps: Generalno rečeno, lijepo je raditi sa nasmješenim ljudima, a vaši to jesu. Znanje i poslovnost su jedno, no sasvim je drugo kad se na to doda dobra volja i pozitivnost. Budite ponosni na to što ste napravili - nije lako obavljati vaš posao tamo gdje ga vi obavljate.
by Denis Filipović
Početkom srpnja 2012. godine obratio sam se agenciji Opereta radi prodaje stana. Dojam prvog razgovora bio je poslovna ležernost i izuzetan pristup. Nisam očekivao brzo rješavanje stvari, ali prvi su rezultati bili iznenađujuće brzo i s obzirom na ljeto, a i stanje prodaje nekretnina. Nakon 3 mjeseca posao je bio zaključen. Bio sam vrlo zadovoljan brzinom, uslugom, poslovnošću i poletom u ovoj poslovnoj suradnji. Samo takvi mogu dalje. Čestitke i dobre želje za daljnji rad.
by Boris Šimunjak
Zahvaljujući „Opereti“ uspjeli smo ostvariti posao za koji smo i sami sumnjali da ga je moguće odraditi u razumnom roku. No, zalaganjem djelatnika Agencije koja se prihvatila posredovanja i u prodaji našeg stana te kupovini drugoga, uspjeli smo prodati svoju nekretninu u izuzetno kratkom vremenu te istovremeno pronaći zamjensku koja je potpuno odgovarala našim kriterijima. Cijeli posao je komplicirala dodatna otegotna okolnost vezana uz prebacivanje postojeće hipoteke s nekretnine koju smo prodavali na novu nekretninu te je suprugu i mene nekoliko puta dovela pred sam odustanak od kupoprodaje. No, to se nije dogodilo zahvaljujući Agenciji koja nije štedjela vremena i truda pronaći adekvatna rješenja, koordinirajući sve strane u poslu (nas, naše kupce, naše prodavatelje i Banku) te pružajući vrijedne savjete. Također valja naglasiti da smo u cijelom poslu surađivali s izuzetno korektnim ljudima (uključujući naše kupce i prodavatelje). Koristimo priliku zahvaliti svima koji su sudjelovali u posredovanju, a posebno gospođi Sandri bez koje se cijeli posao ne bi realizirao. Zbog svega rečenog smo nastavili suradnju s „Operetom“ te sukladno našim iskustvima isto možemo preporučiti i drugima.
by Ana Marija i Igor Perović
Kada smo se odlučili za kupnju nove nekretnine pojavio se prvi problem: kako i gdje krenuti? Obzirom na svakodnevne poslovne i životne obaveze, shvatili smo da je gotovo nemoguća misija pronaći dovoljno kvalitetnog vremena i prostora za traženje stana koji će zadovoljiti sve naše želje i potrebe, a da se u to upustimo sami, bez posrednika. Dakle, prva važnija odluka je bila: odabrati agenciju koja će sve to učiniti umjesto nas. Slijedeći korak koji je nadošao sam po sebi: koju agenciju odabrati? Nismo imali iskustva sa takvim oblikom poslovanja. Odlučili smo staviti oglas o traženju stana i jednostavno izabrati nekoliko agencija, te na temelju povratnih informacija i samog pristupa odabrati favorite. Slijedom okolnosti ( ili puke sreće ) Vedran je bio prvi agent sa kojim smo dogovorili susret. Već nakon prvog sastanka smo bili oduševljeni njegovim pristupom. Susretljivost, srdačnost, vrlo jasna pitanja - uglavnom Vedran je zadobio sve naše simpatije, te smo odlučili da ne "lutamo" i tražimo dalje, već da prepustimo Vedranu i Opereti traženje našeg budućeg mjesta stanovanja. U periodu od godinu i nekoliko mjeseci imali smo nekoliko sastanaka. Ti susreti su nam poslužili da se naše želje iskristaliziraju. Zahvaljujući razgovorima sa Vedranom, koji je pri tom pokazao beskrajno strpljenje, potragu smo usmjeravali i usklađivali sa parametrima na koje nam je Vedran skretao pozornost, a koji su i dalje bili u skladu sa našim željama i potrebama. Pri tome naglašavamo da nismo bili zatrpani nepotrebnim mail-ovima, već je potraga bila ciljana i usmjerena na temelju pitanja koja su nam bila postavljana od strane Vedrana. To nadasve cijenimo. Iz navedenih razloga, još jednom se zahvaljujemo na uloženom trudu. Sa ostalim djelatnicima vaše agencije nismo imali priliku komunicirati. No, dojma smo da odabir vaših agenata nije prepušten slučaju i da iza svega stoji planski rad, edukacije, seminari i sl. Una, Tara, Tanja i Miro Bogdanović
by Una, Tara, Tanja i Miro Bogdanović
Prije svega puno pohvala agenciji Opereta na postavljanju poslovne politike, a to je individualan pristup svakom klijentu,jer svaka prodaja i kupnja su slučaj za sebe.Kod mene je to bilo gotovo pa neizvedivo,prekomplicirano, ali agencija Opereta odnosno Ana Šenija i moja malenkost u koordinaciji s njome smo odradili, slobodno mogu reći jednu najzahtjevniju prodaju uz puni angažman, znanje i iskustvo Ane. Mogu reći da vezano uz bilo kakvu prodaju ili kupnju nekretnine, prvo što ću učiniti je okrenuti Anin broj. 🙂 Nadam se da će i dalje biti u agenciji jer poslovna klima je tamo savršena,nastavite kao i dosad jer Europa je već odavno u Vašoj tvrtki.
by Mario Ježek
Imala sam prilike raditi sa nekoliko različitih agencija za nekretnine, ali s Operetom sam bila najzadovoljnija, radi Karle Šejle-Šakić kao naše agentice i zastupnika naših želja i interesa oko prodaje stana. Posao je odradila maksimalno profesionalno, dovodila velik broj potencijalnih kupaca i na obostrano zadovoljstvo započela i završila pregovore s kupcem u iznimno kratkom roku. Proces ugovaranja i primopredaje stana izvršen je u najkraćem mogućem roku u kojem su i kupci i mi kao prodavatelji bili izuzetno zadovoljni bez dodatnih komplikacija jer je u startu agentica za nekretnine definirala sve potrebne detalje. Nije bilo dodatnih neugodnih iznenađenja te su upute za kupca i prodavatelja bile detaljno razrađene. Pokazala je visoku profesionalnost i od tog trenutka svim svojim prijateljima i poznanicima preporučujem Operetu i Karlu kao najboljeg agenta s kojim sam imala prilike surađivati. Hvala još jednom na velikoj pomoći, profesionalnosti i lakoći djelovanja. Mr. Sc. Anita Mraović Kordić, MBA
by Mr. sc. Anita Mraović Kordić
Zahvalila bih se Antoniji Mikšić na izuzetnoj profesionalnosti, ljubaznosti te susretljivosti tijekom cijelog našeg poslovanja. Hvala još jednom na svemu, Maja Likić
by Maja Likić
Za sve one koji namjeravaju prodati ili kupiti stan ili, kao moja obitelj, i jedno i drugo, imam samo jedan savjet: obratite se mojoj agentici Sandri Gluvaković Juratovac i agenciji Opereta! Za Sandru i za njene kolege iz Operete imamo samo riječi hvale: profesionalnost i pouzdanost, fer i prijateljski odnos. Već i samo jedan posao - prodaja ili kupovina - frustrirajuć je, a vezana prodaja jednog i kupovina drugog stana izgledala je kao nemoguća misija. Ipak, usprkos svim našim uvjetima, uvjetima tržišta i razočaranjima gotovo do odustajanja, Sandra je uspjela. Svojim optimizmom i opuštajućom vedrinom smirivala je naše strahove i frustracije, otvarala nove mogućnosti i vrlo profesionalno oba posla sinkrono dovela do kraja. Opereta je obavila i sve druge poslove vezane uz kupoprodaju - energetsku učinkovitost, legalizaciju, pravni dio posla, prebacivanje računa, upis vlasništva. Da ne govorim o strpljivom odgovaranju na moje bezbrojne pozive u nevrijeme, pitanja i nedoumice, o pomoći i savjetima. Rijetko kad sam naišla na toliko pozitivne energije u poslu i toliko dobre volje. Jasna Nahtigal Lazarić, novinar
by Jasna Nahtigal Lazarić
Preko Vaše agencije smo obavili kupnju stana cura i ja. Na početku nismo o tome ništa znali. Ja sam poslao istovrsan mail sa parametrima vezano za stan kakav smo tražili gotovo svim agencijama u Zagrebu na koji su mi neki odgovorili a neki nisu. Od svih agencija isticao se odgovor Vaše Antonije koja je poslala i detaljne ponude koje su bile prema parametrima ali i one koje su bile približne. Jednu od približnih smo realizirali! Niti jedna druga agencija nije pokazala takvu dozu entuzijazma da baš kod njih realiziramo kupoprodaju kao što je to Antonija iz Vaše agencije napravila. Kroz sve vrijeme nas je vodila jer mi stvarno nemamo nikakvo znanje vezano za proces kupnje stana. Pokazala se stvarno feksibilna i uvijek dostupna, po potrebi je sve objašnjavala i upućena je stvarno u detalje, a kad smo porazgovarali sa prodavateljicom vidjeli smo da je i ona zadovoljna sa Antonijom i cijelim procesom. Sve se odvilo relativno brzo i na kraju je rezultiralo zadovoljavajućim ishodom za sve. Tako da ovim putem šaljem veliku zahvalu Vama te osobito Antoniji Mikšić. 🙂 Naravno i veliku pohvalu na njezin račun. Josip Glavaš
by Josip Glavaš
Operetu sam odlučila angažirati uz preporuke nekih poznanika i dobar image koji je stvorila dosadašnjim radom. Uz agenticu Antoniju Mikšić i sama sam se uvjerila u njihov rad, ali prije svega sam oduševljena agenticom Antonijom , poslovnom, ali izrazito toplom osobom, koja je vođenje prodaje stana pretvorila u jedno lijepo druženje i suradnju, uz sigurnost koju pruža u jednom takvom stresnom periodu. Moje preporuke su krenule dalje, mojim prijateljima. Puno hvala Antoniji, puno hvala timu Operete. Srdačan pozdrav Marina Cimerman
by Marina Cimerman
Danas sam zaključio kupovinu nekretnine preko Vaše agencije i moram izraziti svoje oduševljenje osobom koja me kroz cijeli proces vodila, savjetovala, pomagala mi. Dakle gospođa Daniela Ražov, nenametljiva, dobronamjerna, stručna, učinila je da osim realizirane kupoprodaje, od danas svima i uvijek savjetujem da se Vašoj agenciji jave ukoliko kupuju/prodaju nekretninu. Definitivno sam se tijekom cijelog procesa osjećao potpuno sigurno, što je svakom vrlo bitno, a savjeti su bili kao od prijatelja, a ne nekog tko po svaku cijenu želi svoju proviziju. Izvrsno. S poštovanjem, Mislav Petrović
by Mislav Petrović
Gospođu Sandru Gluvaković Juratovac upoznao sam kao agenticu u agenciji za nekretnine Opereta zbog potrebe odabira stana za najam. Preporuku za nju sam dobio od svoje dugogodišnje poznanice iz studentskih dana Davorke Budimir. Suradnja je počela u srpnju 2012. U prvom razgovoru gospođa je vrlo profesionalno „skenirala“ moj profil i potrebu za traženim stanom. Vrlo brzo je odabrala tražene stanove te nakon samo jednog obilaska mogla se donijeti odluka. Poučen vrlo pozitivnim iskustvom, gospođu sam angažirao i za kupnju vlastitog stambenog prostora tijekom veljače – ožujka 2015. I ovaj put preporuka i odabir bili su vrlo brzi i na potpuno zadovoljstvo. Ovim sam htio naglasiti kako gospođa Sandra Gluvaković Juratovac, posjeduje iznimne sposobnosti da prosudi kupca, udovoljiti njegovim zahtjevima koliko god to dozvoljava tržište nekretnina. S njom je bilo vrlo ugodno surađivati. Preporučit ću je svakom tko bude imao potrebu za kupnjom nekretnine. Stjepan Kamber,
by Stjepan Kamber
U vremenima kada je iznimno teško prodati nekretninu, mi smo uspjeli zahvaljujući Sandri i Vedranu. Sandru smo upoznali kao našu agenticu za prodaju stana, a Vedrana kao agenta koji je za svoje klijente tražio nekretninu. Tako smo završili u njihovim vrlo stručnim i sposobnim rukama i prodali stan u roku 2 mjeseca od naše odluke da prodajemo stan. Naravno, svim poznanicima i prijateljima ćemo preporučiti Operetu jer smo iznimno zadovoljni sa svime. Tanja Bošković, dipl oecc
by Tanja Bošković
Sa zadovoljstvom mogu preporučiti Maria Čulara kao agenta i Operetu kao agenciju kojoj u potpunosti možete povjeriti svoju potragu za domom. Ovo je bila naša prva kupnja stana. Početak potrage bio je prilično naporan jer smo se sami prihvatili posla. Međutim, nakon kratkog samostalnog traženja, prepustili smo se u Marijeve ruke i ubrzo pronašli naš budući dom. Od samog početka Mario je pokazao visoki stupanj profesionalnosti i poznavanja tržišta nekretnina. Prilagodio se svim mojim željama i zahtjevima vezano uz kriterije te smo na kraju uz njegovu pomoć vrlo brzo došli do idealne nekretnine. Fleksibilnost, profesionalnost i strpljenje su kvalitete od kojih ni u jednom trenutku nije odstupio. Svojim savjetima uvelike je pomogao u potrazi za stanom. Hvala ti Mario 🙂 Dina Balić, voditeljica marketinga, Zagreb
by Dina Balić
Dear Sir, I would like to praise your employee here. It is Daniela Ražov, who assisted us in choosing the apartment we bought in Zagreb through your agency. Mrs. Ražov was very helpful and always available as long as we needed her. Our experience is very positive and we will recommend your agency and Mrs. Ražov to our friends and acquaintances. Sincerely, Mirjana Šimić-Šimunić
by Mirjana Šimić-Simunic
Berislav Perić Dear Sirs, I just wanted to praise your two employees with whom I cooperated during the sale of my apartment on Bukovac, who were very professional and fair. I am reffering to Mr. Ivan and Mr. Luka. Thank you very much. Best regards, Berislav Perić
by Berislav Perić
Dear Denis, our job has been successfully completed! I thank you once again for your professionalism, effort and pleasant cooperation. I hope we will cooperate again, and that you have our profile in your record. Best regards! Mile & Dunja Nikolic
by Mile and Dunja Nikolić
Selling my apartment I entrusted to Opereta and Luka Prica. Just like seven years ago when I bought an apartment through Opereta, this time as well I worked with a real professional. Luka has a great knowledge of the real estate market, he is an expert in that field, he is quick and always available for all the questions. He truly cares and, above all,is a good person who understands the stress I have felt, and with his care and honesty, with the right words and actions, he found a way to make it all painless. The apartment was sold in a very short period of time and I'm really grateful. People around me still can not believe how quickly it was sold just after being advertised. In case I decide to sell my next apartment, I will again, with full confidence, go to Opereta and Luka, that I can recommended to everyone most sincerely. Kind regards Danijela Milunić
by Danijela Milunić
I warmly recommend Opereta for the property sales services. I would like to compliment the agent Luka as well as the director of the Agency, Boro, for their expertise, professionalism, good and quick service. We sold the apartment within a month for the price we did not expect to get, but more. Thanks again, and without any doubt, we will contact you again when we need you. Sincerely, Karla and Ivana Fabrio
by Karla and Ivana Fabrio
Ovim putem se zahvaljujem Vama osobno i Vašim kolegama, Antoniji i Ivanu, na uspješno zaključenoj prodaji našega stana posredstvom Vaše agencije. S tim u svezi, smatram bitnim istaći da sam osobno impresionirana profesionalnošću, entuzijazmom i radnom energijom Vaših kolega. Cijeli proces prodaje je vođen efikasno i u stalnoj komunikaciji sa mnom, kao prodavateljicom, te s puno sluha za moje želje i dvojbe. Ivan i Antonija su nam našli savršene kupce s kojima je potpis ugovora i primopredaja protekla u prijateljskoj atmosferi, na naše potpuno, a uvjerena sam i zadovoljstvo Kupaca. Ugodno sam iznenađena "uigranošću" i odličnom organizacijom Vašeg tima i po pitanju vezanih radnji koje su pratile sam proces kupoprodaje (od aktivnosti kod javoga bilježnika do prijenosa režija). S obzirom na ovo iskustvo i kao iznimno zadovoljni klijenti s punim povjerenjem ćemo se obratiti Ivanu i Antoniji i za sve buduće poslove vezane uz nekretnine, a u međuvremenu sam Vaše kolege toplo preporučila prijateljima koji također prodaju/kupuju nekretnine. S poštovanjem, Tatjana Peroković
by Tatjana Peroković
We would like to thank the agency Opereta and especially to our agent Nikolina Kovac for the job perfectly done and our happiness because of signing the contract for purchasing our first apartment. All of the information we needed, even before we asked for, we were provided with and that made our every step easy, and the decision too. First of all, we would like to thank Nikolina, who, apart from the professional part, made everything easy and simple, with her kindness and friendly advice without any pressure or unease. We thought that the purchase of the first real estate would be very hard and with a stomach ache but with this agency and their approach we did not need to worry and it actually was pleasant. I think that we are most grateful and happiest for that part. Thanks again, you will always have our warmest recommendations. Marina Jotanović and Željko Tokalić
by Marina Jotanović and Željko Tokalić
Dear Sirs, We would like to thank you for mediating in buying our apartment. They say that moving and purchasing or selling the apartment at the top of the stress scale. As we have so far changed a few apartments, we would certainly agree with this statement. But buying the apartment with the help of your agent Luka Prica was everything but the stress. If we need to briefly describe Luka: He is quick, friendly, capable, highly professional, always available. After the first conversation when we expressed our wishes - already in his third offer Luka had an apartment for us. After we decided to buy the apartment, Luka negotiated the price we offered, even under better conditions than we expected. Although the flat was under a loan, all paperwork was solved without any problems - and without our engagement. Luka responded promptly to all of our questions, got our trust, so we purchased the apartment without any worries. Luke is a team player, unusually modest. When we praised him, he always pointed out that his colleagues worked together with him and his words were: In Opereta things are done that way. So let us conclude: Opereta is a highly professional agency, world class - and we can contentedly say that you have more than earned your commission. Best regards, Ines and Nina Horvat
by Ines and Nina Horvat
I would like to thank Ms. Divna Milovanovic from "Opereta" agency for the quick and efficient co-operation during the sale of my apartment. The exceptional professionalism and support throughout the entire sales process made me feel a sense of confidence, peace and security that otherwise a stressful life situation will be resolved in the best possible way and end successfully for the pleasure of all sides. Because of this I will gladly request again the services of Mrs. Divna and "Opereta" agency and give a recommendation for them to my friends. Filip Kurtović Entrepreneur
by Filip Kurtović
With the agency Opereta, I have been cooperating in buying, selling and renting apartments in the past five years. The promptness of realization, the expertise of the agents, the ease of communication I have with them and the trust we have built up are the guarantee of the continuation of our cooperation. What I find particularly important is the fact I do not mind any more whom from Opereta deals with my requests - Sandra, Divna, Goran, Boro ... I know the job will be done with the utmost care and attention that a real friend deserves! Thanks to the Opereta team! Tatjana Divjak, Zagreb
by Tatjana Divjak
We only deal with moral people who respect themselves and others. We found these qualities in Boro, Ana and Goran. We did not have the opportunity to use the services of other members of the Opereta Team, but we believe that they are all of a similar profile. Opereta has been taking care of renting and maintaining our apartment for the last 5 years. Being their clients is our pleasure. They impress us with their excellent communication, efficiency, willingness to do more than expected, their enthusiasm and spontaneity. The price of their service is very reasonable in terms of the quality they provide. When we decide to sell and buy property again, we will use their services for sure. We always recommend Opereta to everyone and everywhere without a delay.
by Anka and Ljubo Bosanac, New Zealand
After a long search through several agencies we finally completely gave up from buying a flat, and we no longer expected to find the perfect property ... Opereta surprised us because in a very short time they recognized our wishes and finally found the property according to our taste. Through Opereta we bought a valuable property for a very good price, and the experience of buying it was quick and painless. Thanks to Opereta, especially to Agent Ana Senija, for the effort and energy she put in and helped us while buying our "dream home". Mirna Kero
by Mirna Kero
We would like to commend your employee, Mario Čular, who has showed us a many apartments in Tresnjevka South neighbourhood for the past two weeks. Mario is an expert who was extremely professional, friendly and well-informed. Even though we did not buy an apartment yet, we wanted to point out that with this kind of employee approach and your company gets its good reputation. Best regards, Boris Jokić and Claire Sangster Jokić
by Boris Jokić and Claire Sangster Jokić
S agencijom Opereta već smo imali odličnih iskustva, no na Denisa nismo bili spremni. Već pri upoznavanju privukla nas je njegova karizma i izuzetna pristupačnost kojom se angažirao kako bi nama pronašao stan. Na ni jedno naše pitanje nije oklijevao s odgovorom i osjetilo se da kod njega nismo samo klijenti nego cijenjeni prijatelji. Saslušavši što tražimo pripremio je nekoliko stanova koje smo obišli i na kraju našli pravog za nas. Kao svaki kupac prve nekretnine, nismo znali puno o dokumentaciji no Denis je za nas bio dostupan na svakom koraku. Uz njega cjelokupni proces kupovine stana prošao je glatko i brzo. U budućim prilikama kupovine nekretnina ne mislimo oklijevati jer smo našli agenta u kojeg se možemo uvijek pouzdati. Vlasnici Matija, Petra i Maxi
by Matija, Petra i Maxi
After informing through the internet and talking to my friends I decided to go to Opereta Real Estate Agency. First meeting with real estate agent Miss. Antonia Miksic happened on a rainy afternoon in the car park of Utrinska market. We immediately started to visiting the apartments in her small Smart car. All the questions I had about the apartments we saw were answered without any difficulties, and there were a lot of them. After a couple of visited flats and coffees drank, we discussed about the positive and negative sides of certain properties (believe me, the advice of agents in these areas are very helpful, especially if you are a young buyer) we found my new home. In the end I can say that my experience of looking for an apartment was very pleasant, which is the merit of Miss. Miksic and her professionalism. I did not just buy my first real estate, but I also got a new friend. Ana Mataić
by Ana Mataić
In search of the real estate, we visited a lot of agencies, but at the very beginning, Opereta proved to be the best choice. We quickly found the property that suited us and with the benefits that Opereta offered us we bought the property. The agent Daniela Ražov had a great role in all of this, who was there whenever we needed anything. After business co-operation, we even became friends. The right choice! Thanks to Opereta, especially to Daniela Ražov. Ljiljana Kezele
by Ljiljana Kezele
In our life there was a certain saturation with the location where we lived, so we wanted to make a fresh start and change our place of residence. Nowadays, that is a great challenge, and we have unsuccessfully tried to make a change for a while, until we found Opereta. We met Denis and after we talked openly about our wishes and possibilities, we became more optimistic, because we knew we were in good hands. Denis has an innate talent for communication, an excellent sense of understanding both our needs who we were selling our property at that time, as well as understanding the potential buyers to whom he was explaining all the details that interested them with great professionalism, cordiality and patience. It is with great pleasure that we can say that Denis successfully managed to sell our real estate for a truly great price with respect to today's economic situation, and our relationship with him became even closer, so without any hesitation we continued to cooperate with Opereta and Denis when buying our new property. Denis has given us his full attention, as if we were his only clients, although this certainly was not the case. He did his best to find us the appropriate property, he was always available, ready to advise us or tell us how to use the space in our potentially new apartment. Today we are enjoying our new apartment where we really feel excellent, and most of the credit for our satisfaction belong to Denis, who made the whole process of selling the old and buying the new real estate a truly positive experience. Now we know whom to contact in case we wish to embark on new adventures in the real estate world. With all our hearts, we recommend Denis and Opereta as the best choice for anyone who wants good and reliable cooperation and service in the real estate market. Kaja & Kristijan
by Kaja and Kristijan
We are a young, four-memeber family who decided to buy our first apartment, at a time when buying the real estate without help of an expert was, lets say, the mission impossible. In the market where everybody offers and sells anything, and with plenty of unresolved legal issues, we have decided to entrust the agency Opereta doo with our wishes and needs regarding buying the apartment. Their agent Mr. Antonija Mikšić fulfilled all our expectations with regards to the process of buying the first real estate. She did even more than that. Not only did we get our flat in a record-breaking time, but all along this process, we were spared of the slightest form of stress, everything was resolved quickly and with ease, in a pleasant and enthusiastic manner. Ms. Antonija Mikšić is a young, professional person who does her job quickly, skillfully and with such ease that at no time was there any place for any panic and / or uncertainty about the final outcome. Thank you, thank you, to the agency of Opereta d.o.o. for the outstanding professional expertise, and most of all, the great THANK YOU to Ms. Antonia Mikšić, the best real estate agent in Zagreb and beyond! Family Obadić
by Family Obadić
Poštovani, ovim putem bih htio u svoje ime i gdina Ivice Radoša pohvaliti Vašu suradnicu Danielu Ražov za veliki doprinos prilikom realizacije kupoprodaje zemljišta. Agentica je bila ekspeditivna, temeljita i na raspolaganju u svakom trenutku te nam je svojom susretljivošću jako puno pomogla te agenciju Opereta sigurno približila kao primaran izbor u našim daljnim nekretninskim poslovima. Za sva pitanja stojim na raspolaganju. S poštovanjem Gojko Jelavić, MBA
by Gojko Jelavić
Poštovani, Preko Vaše agencije za posredovanje nekretnina smo kupili stan na adresi Mate Lovraka 9. Htjeli bi pohvaliti Vašu agenticu Danielu Ražov na ljubaznosti,profesionalnosti i strpljenju prema nama kao kupcima iz razloga što nam je bila stiska sa vremenom pa smo možda bili i malo dosadni sa zivkanjima. Sve u svemu Danieli samo pohvale. Lp, Matija Malivuk
by Matija Malivuk

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