About Opereta

In Opereta we believe there is nothing more powerful or important than home. That is why, or over 18 years now, we help people find the real estate of their dreams and successfully sell their property.

Our expert team of agents and associates uses the best tools and invests the maximum effort to accomplish our mission, ethically and honestly be at service to people so that they can feel the power of a real home.

Customer care

Customer satisfaction and security are our priorities, that is what all our clients confirm. Through our marketing we invest every day in education of every employee, as well as all the participants in the real estate market.

We participate in foreign conferences and we have renowned partners abroad, that provide the global action. Our top legal team is in charge of all legal issues and affairs, while Opereta Projektiranje with its team of architects is at your disposal for the designing of your space, the interior decoration and much more.

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