In accordance with the needs of our customers and investors in the coast, islands and Istria, we developed a special Opereta Plus program. A large base of buyers and investors from abroad and Croatia gives us the foundation, while a personal and proactive approach to offering every property included in the program ensures fast realization of selling/buying.

The program consists of a dozen tools including a personal broker for each real estate, the largest expanded advertising package in Croatia and abroad, the bilingual catalogue as well as special marketing in print and digital media. We place a great emphasis on foreign buyers and investors, so we cooperate with leading agencies in the European Union, the UK and Russia.
If you have a residential or commercial property in the target areas that would our investors and buyers, let us know so our team of experts could check the real estate potential of your property and inform you if we are able to include your property in our special plus program.
The complexity of the program requires our exceptional investments in selling your property, while the owner, when entering the program i.e. concluding the mediation contract, participates to some small extent through the entry fee.

For all the questions and information, our team of experts and external associates is available to you. Contact us with confidence and sell your property safely and quickly, at the best possible price.




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